The music industry is constantly look for new bands with their own stories to tell. VISTA is finally ready to craft their story through their new music. In a way this is the beginning for VISTA, who has noted their strong roots to their muse and own experience. We sat down with them to get a better insight to their rise in the industry, and their perspective on their new EP.

So, you have a new EP coming out soon. How does this EP differ from music you already have out?

Greg: This one differs because there is a totally different guitarist, drummer, and bassist behind it, me. It was a challenge but it was fun to make all these parts and build stuff around Hope’s vocals. Or to build stuff and have Hope write to it.

Hope: This one is really developed. “VERSUS” was written quickly, recorded quickly. There was no clear branding behind it or a well-developed marketing plan. We just wanted to throw music out there at the time to kick off the band. But now with “Long Live,” we spent months planning out everything, discussing branding, and really trying to figure out and identify why VISTA is different. So I think there’s a strong difference in branding and development from “VERSUS” to “Long Live.”

What do you think fans will be able to connect with most in this EP?

Greg: I think people will easily connect with Inside Anxious. My gut feeling.

Hope: Yeah, I 100% agree. That’s why I really wanted to try and explore this topic and make sure it was done the right way. I think “Inside Anxious” is probably the most experimental out of all 7 songs, but lyrically it was a delicate topic. My hope is that those who have had similar experiences with this topic find comfort and safety in knowing that they aren’t experiencing these symptoms in isolation.

What fuels your musical inspiration? What’s your muse?

Greg: Mostly other music, but also what happens in my life can affect what I’m thinking when writing.

Hope: Life is my muse. That sounds so cliche and overdone, but I’m really just genuinely inspired by what I see happening around me in the world or whatever is happening in my own personal life.

As a band, what type of obstacles have you faced?

Greg: People who just straight up not committed. It kinda sucks, but we’re used to it.

Hope: Oh yeah. That’s been our biggest obstacle 100%. You learn pretty quick who actually wants to make it their career.

As a female led band, has that hindered your growth in the scene? Have you ever experienced sexism in the music industry?

Greg: I’m not sure. I personally haven’t seen any towards Hope, but I’m not around her 100% of the time so I don’t know.

Hope: Back in like 2015 I experienced a bit, I wasn’t put on many shows as a solo artist because a lot of bands just really enjoyed the experience of ‘bro’ing down.’ It was frustrating at the time, but I’m still out here working. Nowadays I don’t really experience it.

What type of advice would you have for other women who have aspirations to pursue music?

Greg: You’re an equal and you’re totally valid, no matter what anyone says. Do whatever the Hell you want!

Hope: What he said. Have no hesitation, wear what you want, write whatever you want. We’re all equal here.

Who first introduced you to the alternative rock scene?

Greg: Probably my older brother. He got me into some stuff back in the day.

Hope: Limewire and PureVolume. No joke. I was in love with Limewire back in the day, but the website PureVolume is really where I found all of the bands I’m still in love with to this day. It’s where I found Paramore before ‘All We Know Is Falling’ came out in 2005. It’s where I found the original demo of The Great Escape by Boys Like Girls, old Panic!, Hawk Nelson, Saosin, Chiodos.

What musicians do you attribute to your success so far?

Greg: Probably Green Day or The Fall of Troy. So many others but those started it for me.

Hope: I’m honestly not sure!! Probably Linkin Park. They’re my favorite band of all time, first song I ever learned on an electric guitar was “Numb,” and I never looked back after that.

What type of message do you want to send to your fans?

Greg: You’re the best. Thank you for joining us.

Hope: Thank you for opening your ears up to us!!! We hope you enjoy “Long Live.”

Check out VISTA’s new EP Long Live below! It’s also available now on Apple Music.

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