Volumes has posted a statement on Facebook, claiming they never received payment for Via and No Sleep album sales despite selling over 40 thousand copies.

Check out the full statement below.

#‎VTEAM‬–we are happy to announce that both VIA and NO SLEEP are now available for sale on iTunes–click here: http://apple.co/294j2iy

These two album re-releases are very special to us. Many of you became a fan of the band directly from these two albums. These are the original recordings, BUT NOW remastered so that they sound even MORE incredible (we also gave the album artwork a facelift)

The reason they disappeared online for the past few months is because we were in the process of retaining the rights back to these albums–NOW they are now 100% band owned.
We had been touring and promoting these albums for the past several years but sadly NEVER received any type of earnings or proper accounting for them. This is with over 40K albums being sold.

Understand that we aren’t trying to play the sympathy card or put together a crowdfunding campaign begging for money–but because Volumes never received their proper share from the earnings from these albums and related merchandise, we have unfortunately accrued debt with different vendors. We will be using THESE sales to eliminate our pre-existing debt.

You buy THESE albums on iTunes..the proceeds go directly to the artist…we use that to fix our s**t….you get to enjoy the old tunes…all the meanwhile we get ready to put out a new album on Fearless Records that is going to blow you all away….simple as that.
It’s a WIN WIN for everyone involved.

Please help us spread the word and SHARE THIS with your friends.
We will be putting these up on Spotify in the next few months but for now they will only be on iTunes. Thank you again #VTEAM