On February 28th, Houston pop-punk band Waterparks and Kentucky rock band Too Close To touch made their way through Mahalls in Cleveland.

With this being Too Close To Touch’s first co-headlining tour and Waterparks’ first headlining tour of any kind, it made for a great show.  Supporting acts included Creeper and Chapel.

Too Close To Touch hit the stage after Creeper and opened with the hard hitting song “Sympathy” which led to the crowd drawing towards the stage. The band kept their high energy despite being on a tiny stage in a small over-heated crowded venue. Each song was played with incredible quality and confidence.  Fans were absolutely pleased to hear songs such as “Until I Collapse” and “Pretty Little Thing” which had the crowd dancing along. The band closed their set with a very emotional track “Eiley,” written about the loss of lead vocalist, Keaton Pierce, little sister. Hearing the passion leave his voice live is enough to send shivers down your spine in even the hottest and sweatiest of rooms. TCTT’s entire set was so clear sounding and included smooth transitioning which led to an incredible experience.

Lastly came Waterparks, and all of the fans were stoked to hear them play more than 5 songs live—side note: we got a little flack from Waterparks fans because this post didn’t include more songs. Opening with “Made In America,” the band kept their set going with some of their hottest tracks including “Crave” and “Stupid For You” which saw everyone singing along and “Gloom Boy” that had crowd surfers making their way to the stage. The band’s stage presence was light and fun while they interacted with the audience as if everyone in the crowd was their friend. Waterparks switched up the vibe of their set by slowing it down with “21 Questions.” The performance of the song was so perfect as it sounded exactly like it does on their album Double Dare. The band then closed out their fiery set with the new fan-favorite tune “Royal” rounding out the whole show making it feel satisfyingly complete.

All around, this entire show was great! Do not sleep on the chance to catch it.