For much of the year, We Came As Romans have kept their activities on the down-low, and with their recently packed tour schedule from I Prevail’s Rage on the Stage tour, which began in September, it’s no secret that the band has been keeping busy.

However, what we didn’t know was that they’ve been hard at work, not only maintaining their Rage On The Stage tour agenda, but also composing a new record.

As of August 22nd, the American metal core band, officially publicized the making of their latest studio album, which is due to be released by October 2017.

A teaser from the currently unnamed album was posted on the band’s official Twitter account and Facebook page as well as on SharpTone Records’ YouTube account.

The nearly two minute long video clip features mysteriously captivating artwork being painted across the screen as the static-y echoes of the band’s studio recording play ominously in the background.

Leaving off on a stellar cliffhanger, the clip comes to a close just as Dave Stephens’ all-too-recognizable screams are added into the mix and the classically heavy We Came As Romans sound floods the video with a clash of booming guitar riffs and pounding drums.

Interested in seeing the teaser? Check it out here!