A few months ago, we addressed the big question: what makes an album a “favorite album?”

Today, we throw out a similar, yet different question: what makes a band a favorite band? Do you have to be a “true fan?” If so, what exactly is a true fan? Here in this article we will ponder some questions that will help us determine what exactly makes a band a favorite band.

We obviously have bands that we have been listening to longer than others. Does time help determine how big of a fan you are? Do you have to absolutely love every piece of music that they release? Or what about spending your money on concerts and merchandise whenever the chance permits?

Take a minute to write down your personal top five favorite bands of all time. Now, think about what exactly about these bands make them a favorite. Is it all for the same reason or is it different and circumstantial for each?

For me, personally, time isn’t always a factor of a favorite band. In fact, most of my all time favorite bands I have only been listening to for less than ten years. Many true music-enthusiasts and concert-goers would probably agree that it is just plain silly to consider yourself a “true fan” because you have been listening to the band for X amount of years. But of course, there is always a chance for this list to change overtime; after all, our taste in music will always change even in the slightest ways.

Now, after asking yourself some of these questions, who is your favorite band?