Nearly a year later and Caelo is still able to sweep me away in their alternative rock genius. The band’s growth truly shines through in their EP, Visions, which is available September 4th. Last year, I said “Caelo is still learning how to blend their music and really make a statement that is separate from the mainstream.” in a review. However, the time has come that Caelo has formed their own sound and really nailed home what it means to be in the alternative scene.

Visions is a well-crafted rock album full of dirty, yet classic riffs and mindful lyrics. The band mixes sensual music with old-fashioned rock to create a fusion that may even challenge the quality of old Fall Out Boy. However, this is still only the beginning for Caelo and with time they could easily eclipse Nirvana.


The song the EP is named for is perhaps at the pique of the entire project. This slow jam provides a sense of confidence and recollection. It is like a breath of fresh air after a dizzying storm. A rhythmic melody provides a growing sense of comfort and independence, perfect for a band like Caelo. However, the best part of the song is the absolute passion radiating through every part of the song and through every musician as well. Plus, the transition from fear to an overwhelming urgency to reclaim a sense of reality adds a new element to this song. “I was so lost.”


With a robotic beat beginning this song, the grunge takeover begins swiftly. This song is where the classic feels of the EP become apparent. It’s easy to get swept away in the groove of this song and forget about the meeting, but prepare for a slap in the face when you find it. The music seems optimistic and jazzy, but the lyrics are about a painful fight against your demons. “It was my absolution.”


Unblended, but in a way that forces the song to implode on itself, and expel bliss outwardly. Is that a thing? Well, Caelo did it somehow. Catacombs is a mix of music that fits just right that any other balance would just be wrong. This song is what ties the whole EP together. This is the type of song to headbang away to, but also truly groove to in the most perfect way. It is especially an instrumental masterpiece, stressing each instrument on its own to highlight what makes the three piece band just so great.  “This is all you’ll ever be.”

And, of course, for a review on “All You Need”, you can click here. The band remastered the song for this EP, which is so exciting.

In Latin, “caelo” translates loosely to sky or Heaven, and that is the best way to define this band that I have found. If you’re looking for a band to give your soul to, then download or stream Caelo’s album on September 4th. You won’t regret it.