Do you need some new music to listen to? Each month, the writers of All Punked Up team up to share what we can’t stop playing on repeat. Whether the album is old or new, here is what we’ve been listening to and what we think you should check out!


Panic Vertigo (2018) — The Wrecks

“I don’t know why I hadn’t heard about The Wrecks before; they even opened for All Time Low recently. Last week they released their EP Panic Vertigo and I am addicted. The sounds of this EP are a mix between The All-American Rejects along with other pop-punk bands and rock signatures. The raspy voice and fast songs with top-of-the-lungs lyrics are a perfect match for total bangers. Declare me a fan of this band.” – Chevy


Asking Alexandria (2017) – Asking Alexandria

“With the return of vocalist Danny Worsnop, Asking Alexandria’s self-titled album is a step forward and upward in their career. The band seems to be reflecting on their past after reuniting with Danny. The album itself is very honest and open with the lyrics. For example, the second verse in ‘Where Did It Go?’ walls through every album. Songs like ‘Into The Fire’ and ‘Eve’ have the classic rock and roll energy to it while songs like ‘Vultures’ take a step back and convey strong emotions to the listener. Asking Alexandria’s self-titled album gives listeners a peek into their lives and their past, tying in classic rock influences, as well as outside influences, creating a different sound than we’re used to from the band.” – Natalie


5 Seconds of Summer (2014)5 Seconds of Summer

5 Seconds of Summer announced a comeback with a new single, which was much poppier than the music they had traditionally created. This, though, has made me miss the old 5sos, which was arguably a decent band. Their self-titled album came after a few EPs and lots of YouTube videos. Their first album had some bops and jams… like ‘Heartbreak Girl’, which is personally one of my favorites by them. Plus, ‘Mrs. All American’ became an anthem for every single American fan since the boys are from Australia. Finally, ‘Long Way Home’ was an emotional track that even though I couldn’t actually relate to, I liked to pretend that I could. For some reason, this month I have been swept up in the nostalgia of the simple 5sos days. Sometimes it’s nice to disconnect from the traditional restraints of a genre and instead listen to music that once meant something to you.” – Alex


The Devil’s in the Detail (2017) – Ryan Hamilton and The Traitors

“This album was released last year, but still very relevant. They’ve also got a new album coming out on March 12th titled Traitors Club – Year 1. The band is sponsoring All Punked Up this week and next, so I’ve been dabbling in their past releases.” – Tyler


Adornment (2017) – Grayscale

“This isn’t the first time this album has made our monthly list. Adornment by Grayscale leaves listeners feeling refreshed regardless of how many times its played.  The opening track ‘Let It Rain’ is an anthem that immediately sucks you into the rest of the album, along with other fun ones like ‘Atlantic’ and ‘Echoes (Carry On)’. Then there’s the upbeat but emotional track, ‘Mum’ and of course the acoustic-based song ‘Forever Yours’ to make up the pieces of a fantastic pop punk album.” – Jina


Put Yourself Back Together (2013) – Real Friends

Real Friends’ EP Put Yourself Back Together is what’s getting me through this month. Every once in awhile it’s okay to reach your breaking point and Real Friends has this EP to lift you back up. The lyrics are relatable and the music is catchy. The title track is what makes you feel whole again with lyrics such as ‘if you never break/you’ll never know how/ to put yourself back together’, making you feel alright even if you’re not.” – Tabitha


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