Do you need some new music to listen to? Each month, the writers of All Punked Up team up to share what we can’t stop playing on repeat. Whether the album is old or new, here is what we’ve been listening to and what we think you should check out!


Every Open Eye (Extended Edition) (2015) — CHVRCHES

“A new album by CHVRCHES is coming soon along with the already released singles ‘Get Out’ (to which I am addicted) and ‘My Enemy’, so it’s a good time to go back to their previous work while the wait is over. Songs like ‘Bury It’, ‘Leave a Trace’, ‘Clearest Blue’ and ‘Warning Call’ (present in the extended edition along with the version of ‘Bury I’ featuring Hayley Williams from Paramore) are some of my all-time favorites. CHVRCHES really have a distinguishing sound, and I can’t wait for their newest album Love Is Dead.” – Chevy


Love, Simon (Original Movie Picture Soundtrack) (2018)

“As it broke out into the theaters, Love, Simon became widespread phenomenon of love and representation. It is truly the LGBT+ romcom that we all deserve. A vastly overlooked feature of the film was its soundtrack, which I have been listening to nonstop. One of the best parts is the variety in genre with music like Bleachers and Panic! At the Disco to music like Shawn Mendes’s new single, ‘In My Blood’, to Khalid. While typically I don’t listen to movie soundtracks outside of the film, this one was just too good to pass up on. An iconic movie like this deserves the strong soundtrack it received and that’s why I will do everything I can to support the musicians on it.” – Alex


This House Is Not for Sale (2016)Bon Jovi

“The album I’ve had on repeat lately is This House Is Not for Sale by Bon Jovi. This is the 13th full length album from the band. Growing up in New Jersey meant I grew up listening to Bon Jovi, especially when I lived 15 minutes away from where he was from. Jon Bon Jovi’s familiar vocals tells the stories of living in dreams, walking through rain, being strong and standing your ground. Full of stadium-ready rock songs and chant-friendly choruses, this album is the classic Bon Jovi we all know and love with a strong sense of hometown pride.” – Natalie


What’s Left of This (2017) – Safe Bet

“Thank you to Spotify Discover Weekly, I quickly became obsessed with this solo acoustic project. Even though this EP is full of sad lyrics, every song will make you think of a situation that you or someone you know has been in at least one point in life. Every song touches on the end of a relationship and missing the person you used to be with; blaming yourself and regretting everything and anything that may have caused its end; and all the negative feelings that exist in-between. To be straight forward, this EP is pretty depressing lyrically, so if you like sad lyrics and are a sucker for anything acoustic, then Safe Bet is for you.”   – Jina


Entertainment (2018) – Waterparks

Waterparks’ newest record Entertainment is an album I’ve found myself going back to quite a bit this month. Every beat is catchy, tracks such as ‘We Need To Talk’ is a repeat song with the vibe of the song being calm and perfect for studying or walking across campus to class. The whole album is addicting; give it a listen and you’ll find it on repeat for yourself as well.” – Tabitha

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