Happy New Year, readers! Our weekly roundup of songs you might have missed is back and in full force here to inform you of all the underrated hits that may not have made it to your timeline. This week started off with a big bang with a surprise Jeff Rosenstock record and plenty of singles from new bands popping up on our radar. If this week is any indication as to how this year in music will go, then saddle up because it is going to be a good one! Plus, stay tuned for APU’s highly anticipated albums of 2018 list coming to the site soon.

In the meantime, satisfy your taste for new tunes by checking out this week’s roundup below!

Heart Attack Man – 100mg (Millennial): Heart Attack Man released an incredible new single off of their upcoming split with fellow Ohioans McCafferty. Read all the details about the split and its release date here. If you haven’t given them a listen before, their debut album The Manson Family is highly underrated.

Jeff Rosenstock – POST: Jeff Rosenstock kicked off the new year by not just releasing a single, but a whole album! The man pulled a DIY Beyoncé and on top of that, he has the album up on Bandcamp for “name your price” purchase. Oh and if that wasn’t enough, he is also going on tour! A full list of dates here.

Runaway Brother – “Kissing”: Cleveland has a flourishing music scene that is giving birth to genre-mixing Midwestern rising acts such as Runaway Brother, signed to Tiny Engines. They are on the cusp of releasing their second LP New Pocket, which showcases the band’s refined sound since their last album three years ago. Give their latest single “Kissing” a listen.

FIDLAR – “Frances Farmer Will Have Revenge On Seattle”: FIDLAR, the Californian punk quartet, are known for their rambunctious music, wild shows, and penchant for putting a spin on any song they cover. Enjoy their latest cover foray of Nirvana’s “Frances Farmer Will Have Her Revenge on Seattle:” below.

Breaklights – “Runaways”: If I didn’t know any better, or had the power of the Internet, I would never have been able to guess that Breaklights was not an obscure lost band of early 2000’s pop-punk that went highly underrated. Hailing from Austin, TX., Breaklights sounds a lot like a mix of early Alkaline Trio, The Menzingers, and 2002-era of Hot Water Music. Lucky for us, the band is releasing their new EP Don’t Try So Hard on January 19th on Wiretap Records. Make sure to give them a listen!