On March 29th, a YouTuber named Blake McConnell released some information that a well-known punk rock band will be breaking up sometime soon.

Blake spends a good amount of time talking about why the 2017 Warped Tour lineup seems so desolate of big pop punk bands. The reason? According to Blake, most of those missing pop punk bands will be following a mysterious band on a tour this summer. That mysterious band is the one rumored to be supposedly breaking up and will be going out on a headlining tour, while taking five other pop punk bands with them.

Although he wouldn’t confirm which band would be breaking up, he did mention that the bands NOT breaking up are The Wonder Years, The Story So Far, New Found Glory or Neck Deep.

Real Friends saw the video and responded via Twitter notifying their fans that they weren’t the mysterious group either. State Champs did the same as well.

If you want to check out the video yourself, watch it below!