Another Tom DeLonge email chain to Hillary Clinton chairman John Podesta has been published by Wikileaks. You can read the chain below.

From: Tom DeLonge
To: John Podesta
Date: 2016-02-14 15:29
Subject: Fwd: Podesta and UFOs


About that Las Vegas interview…Read the email chain below- It made its way to me.

George Knapp is an multi-award winning Journalist, the one who famously broke the story of Area-51’s existence many years ago. He’s an incredible man. I’ve actually created a secondary advisory group with him included to help take the direction from my Primary Advisors and direct the info toward the youth.

Because of his maturity on the topic, he is consistently given important information to help communicate. He helped me create my thesis (3 Sekret Machines NonFiction Books Coming out after the Novel) and that thesis is what gained my friendship with The very important General from Wright Patt that was on our call.

Anyways, you should consider doing an interview on Coast To Coast AM- It’s about 10 million listeners every night, and he hosts a couple times a month. Syndicated internationally, its second only to Rush Asshole Limbaugh. I am actually doing it for this project in a couple weeks. Again, read his email below… You actually mentioned him to me before, he’s in Vegas. At the minimum you should at least be in each-other’s network.

He is a powerful journalist with an international reach on TV and radio with FEVERISH fans. They trust him enormously. You can also place all rules desired for any type of conversation for the youth to hear.

Basically, it Seems that your interview is making journalists talk…. Anything you say in this topic makes headlines. It made its way to me behind the scenes.

It’s really genius how you can consistently make waves as a normal citizen, and not only as holding a huge government position.

Our Republic needs that kind of inspiration.

Tom DeLonge

Begin forwarded message:

From: George Knapp
Date: February 13, 2016 at 1:13:39 PM MST
To: Tom DeLonge
Subject: FW: Podesta and UFOs

The guy who sent this email is a newspaper columnist but he also works for our TV station covering political stuff. Good friend of mine.

Wish I had known Podesta was in town I would have tried to get on the list of journalists speaking with him.

If you are in touch with him, please mention my name. It is possible he will be here in nevada for the next week since we have a formal presidential caucus coming up in about a week. I’d love to be able to meet him, shake his hand, so he can put a name with a face. It might come in handy some time down the road. I don;t need to do a story about him or anything but would if he wants….and, like you, he has a permanent invitation to do Coast, even though the conservatives that make up 70% of our audience would shit their pants…..

From: Steve Sebelius
Sent: Saturday, February 13, 2016 9:48 AM
To: George Knapp
Subject: Podesta and UFOs

Had John Podesta in for Hillary Clinton surrogacy, and noticed in my research that he pushed to declassify hundreds of millions of pages of info, including on UFOs. I got him to say he’s talked to Hillary about declassifying even more old files, and I told him that I knew a guy who would be very interested in delving into those documents.

Steve Sebelius
Political columnist, Las Vegas Review-Journal