Have you ever heard a song, or seen a certain band live and the music or the artist’s voice gave your skin chills? I know it happens to me—especially every time I see Dan “Soupy” Campbell preform in either The Wonder Years or in Aaron West And The Roaring Twenties.

So why is this? Turns out it means you’re unique as your brain is wired differently. According to indy100, a former Harvard undergraduate, Matthew Sachs conducted a small study researching individuals who get chills when listening to music in order to find out what makes them feel this way.

The study found that those who form an emotional attachment to the music they are listening to actually have different brain structures than those who don’t. Their unique brains have a denser volume of fibers that connect their auditory cortex and areas that process emotions. This means that these individuals have an easier way of communicating.

So if you’re one of the unique individuals that happen to get goosebumps when listening to your favorite tracks, then you’re more likely to have stronger and more intense emotions. Emo AF, right?

You can check out the study here.

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