In a new interview with The Line of Best Fit, Zac Farro opens up about his new project on HalfNoise, what is it like to rejoin Paramore and what to expect.

Starting with the new HalfNoise EP that is launching this Friday, Zac Farro details what it was like to work on it while recording Paramore’s new album:

It was kind of a seamless step, as crazy as that sounds because the workload tripled. I had a bunch of my friends come into the studio. We had this perfect time around December, around the holidays, when people are in town. All my friends came and played on the EP and helped out with it and it was just this communal effort… I couldn’t be more stoked for how it turned out. I really want people to know that this is something that I’m extremely passionate about. I have full intentions of sticking with it while being in Paramore.

​It is not news that Zac is now a Paramore member, again. The drummer had some words about rejoining the band and the upcoming new album:

It’s kind of frightening! We just really want people to like it… I have no doubt that people are going to love it. It’s definitely my favourite record I’ve ever drummed on or been a part of with this band.

[…] The goal is definitely to release it (the new Paramore album) this year, but I can’t really touch base and even if we had a set day we were telling people, things change so much. But the record is finished.

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