If you’re looking for a newer punk rock sound to jam out to, but still want that vintage punk feel, look no further! A Summer High is here to bless your eardrums with fresh, young talent.

A Summer High is a band founded in 2016 by Luke Oxendale and Mason Levi in 2016 after meeting in their local high-school area. Shortly after they started to jam, the word of their music began to spread and that’s where they met guitarist James Anthony, originally from Minnesota. The trio constantly talked and dreamed about becoming a band, and were determined to do so. After flying back and forth from Minnesota to Pennsylvania, the band decided to settle down in Minnesota and create ASH into a full out project.

Soon after that, they brought on Luke’s younger brother Noah Oxendale to drum for them and the trio had added their fourth and final member. From there, they’ve been playing live shows and have been making noise in the local punk scene.

All Punked Up was lucky to have the chance to interview A Summer High, where they talk about their origins, influences, and more!

What ultimately brought ASH together as a band?

The passion and drive to create the same type of music. We’ve all been in bands before, but this was the first time everything seemed to click.

Who or what influenced you this new EP the most?

The Maine, The Jonas Brothers, The All American Rejects, and Sum 41 were big musical influences on this EP. We wrote a lot of the songs from past life experiences and relationships. That’s why people relate so well to our music, it comes from a real place. When you listen to the songs, you can really gather an essence of who we are as people and that’s exactly what we wanted.

How’d you locate your current sound and are you satisfied with it?

We’ve kinda come across this weird sound from a mix of most of the bands we listen to. However, I don’t believe A Summer High’s sound will ever stick with a certain sound. We’ve written fast punk songs and we’ve written synth based pop songs. We kinda write whatever we’re inspired to write at the time.

Would you like to try different things in regards to your sound?

Absolutely. Music is all about being creative, having fun, and seeing what we come up with. We’ve already made jokes about putting a rap song on our next album.

How are ASHers treating you so far?

Better than anyone could ask. It’s honestly incredible how supportive and encouraging they are. We have really spearheaded this journey with them being part of the team. We would be absolutely nothing without them. They are the strongest, most supportive fan base, and we couldn’t be happier to have them.

Will this be your first tour? If not, what’s the craziest thing you’ve seen on tour so far?

We’ve done a few shows in the past, but this will be our first headlining tour. The first night we ever played Pittsburgh, we walked out of a sold out hometown show, to our van having been completely saran-wrapped. Some fans thought it would be funny to pull that prank, and it honestly was. We will never forget it.

What’s your goal as a band? Long term and short term?

Long term, make music that inspires people and makes people happy. Music that makes you forget about your problems and just go on a long drive and sing along. Short term goal is to finish our upcoming tour without any issues, have a ton of fun on the road, and just meet as many new fans as possible.

What can we expect from your upcoming EP, Pretty Little Liar?

An insane mix of pop and punk. Catchy songs that you’ll be singing along to, and at the same time, songs that make you wanna mosh and go crazy. This EP is a testament to the music we grew up listening to with our modern twist.

What songs from the EP are you most excited to share? Why?

Pretty Little Liar and Do You Remember. Pretty Little Liar was the one song we wrote a few months back that we were all like, “yo, this could be a hit.” Do You Remember we’ve played live a few times and the fans keep asking for the studio version. Will be nice to finally have it out!

After the EP’s release on 7/28, what’s in store for the band for the rest of the year?

Hopefully more touring in the fall, then settling down and back to writing for the winter.

Anything else you’d like to share?

We hope to see you out at some shows this summer and we hope you enjoy “Pretty Little Liar.” This is just the beginning…stay tuned.

We urge you to take a minute, or hour to listen to what A Summer High has to offer! You can listen down below, and we promise, you will not regret it!

Check out their cover of Ed Sheeran’s “Castle on the Hill”:

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