Music has a great way of pulling together certain people. It helps create circumstances that can mold memories, even relationships to forge great art, and even greater times. For Kailyn Quincy, a member of Default Minds, a rock band in Ogden, Utah, It’s been the ride of her life.

Kailyn had an interesting path into music. She was born into a musical family, in which would carry out her lifestyle today. She never had a favorite genre, but resonated with the sound of rock a little more than the others.

After years of playing music, Kailyn got a phone call that would change her life for the better.

“A music lesson studio called ‘Imagine Music’ wanted to put together a rock band program for their students, so they asked some of us that they thought would be interested for a trial run.” Kaitlyn said. She continued. “So one Saturday we all met for the first time, jammed some songs and then three years later we are still together, writing and producing our own music.”

It was a special bond that was able to mold a great friendship with everyone in the band. From there, they would gather support from friends and family alike, gaining the idea that they could do something great.

This month, the band released an EP called, Believe, which you can listen to here.

Kaitlyn had a very high connection with this EP. The band had lost it’s lead singer due to unforeseen circumstances, so they decided to start from scratch and create what they felt was needed. They started with a producer in a studio, but then moved on to record it themselves, almost rebranding with a new sound.

“Our drummer Gage does a lot of the writing now. A song usually starts with one of us having an idea and even a small riff and the rest of us coming together and making it a song.” She continued, Sometimes gage will even just write an entire song and send it to us and if we like it we make it a defualt minds song. It took a while for us to all agree on what we wanted out sound to be it all just started to fall in place.”

It’s been a full team effort to keep the band moving, but Kailyn is proud where the band is going. With more creative fluctuation, everyone is able to give their piece and do what they feel is needed. With their new music they’re creating, Gage and herself are now both singing, adding their own feel to each song that they create.

Now, every song is different, adding a fresh vibe. Fans will be able to hear that soon when they release their new music.

Kaitlyn is very proud of her work, but is set on doing more. She stated, “As a band I know all of us want this to be long term and to get somewhere. I would love to get us touring a little bit hopefully soon.”

It’s not about fame or money when it comes to this great group, as they’re here to inspire, and spread happiness.

“I just want people to hear our music and hope they love it as much as we do. I think I can speak for all of us and say If this was something we could do full time and make a living off it that our dreams would be coming true.”

The passion these musicians carry is truly inspiring, as they’re just doing what they love and having fun doing so. The final message they want to relay is quite clear, and Kaitlyn couldn’t have said it better.

“I want my music to make people happy. And to show people that you can do anything you set your heart to so don’t ever give up.”

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